Relationship Guidance and Support for the Modern-Day Woman

Hi there beautiful,

If you are feeling a sense of emptiness and a lack of joy in your relationships, I'm so glad you're here. 

If you're feeling like the sense of meaning and purpose in your life has been lost, I am so glad you're here. 

If you're tired of feeling like you give to others and they just don't appreciate or support you, I'm so glad you're here. 


If I could take a guess, I'm going to say the following might be true of you:

You are kind and loving and you have a GREAT BIG heart. 

You're a doer and an achiever and you're doing some pretty awesome things in the world.

You give to others and to the world with your entire heart and soul. 

And yet...there seems to be something missing in your life. 

You start to feel anger and resentment. What once brought you joy no longer does. You're starting to feel like a failure, but you don't dare let anyone know. 

"Don't these people appreciate you?" 
"Can't they see how much you DO?" 
"Is it me? Am I the one doing something wrong?"
"Shake it off. Just breathe. Act like everything is okay..."

Deep, down inside, though, you know it's not okay. 

There's something wrong, something you can't quite place your finger on, and you know you can't keep carrying on this way. You can't keep putting on the act. You can't keep pretending everything is okay. It's tiring, you're exhausted, and your heart hurts. 

If something doesn't change, you're going to end up either getting really, really hurt, or, worse, shutting your heart down completely. 

You're at the point now where you know neither of those is an option. You're too tender to get hurt again, and to shut your heart down would kill you inside...

That's where I come in. 

I'm Shirani and I want you to know, I've been there. I've been in your shoes. I know the pain that comes from giving your heart and soul to everything and everyone, and feeling empty and incomplete inside. That feeling that comes when despite doing the hustle, it seems like things just keep getting worse and worse....or at least aren't getting better.

It hurts. It sucks. It's no way to live. 

If you have made it this far, I know you're a go-getter with a can-do attitude who thinks she can do it all...and I also want you to know, this journey isn't one you have to do alone. I'm here to help support you and guide you through. 

If any of this sounds familiar, and you are ready for solutions, I invite you to browse the services below to explore how I can help. 

With so much love,


Providing relationship therapy and counseling to professional women, couples, and families in San Jose, CA and surrounding areas of Silicon Valley, in person and virtually by phone. 

Providing relationship coaching and mentorship as you learn how to love in your life and relationships. Services are offered in person in San Jose, CA and virtually anywhere in the world. 

Online classes and workshops helping you learn how to restore love in your life and your relationships. Courses are instant access and you can learn from the comfort of your own home. Information on private workshops, too. 


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