Hi, I'm Shirani.
And I believe in miracles.

I'm not necessarily talking about those big external miracles like winning the lottery (although that's great too!). I believe in the daily little miracles that occur when we shift our perspective from fear to love. 

Once we experience those daily little miracles, our external reality shifts in a very big and miraculous way. 

Those are the miracles I believe in and I want for you to believe in and experience as well. 

As a modern-day mystic and visionary, part of my life's work is helping other modern-day women awaken to their true power and potential, and achieve wholeness in the process.

The other part of my life's work is helping trailblaze a new way of doing things in the psychotherapy and healing professions.

I truly am a rule bending rebel, able to toggle between the world as we know it and the world we are heading into, and I want to support you, as you are moving and shaking and making big changes in this world, too. 

The times we live in are too tumultuous for you to keep your light hidden behind your hurts, your fears, and your beliefs around your worthiness. It's time for you to stop playing small and step into your greatness. It's time for you to heal your hurts and let your light shine. It's only in healing the hurts you experienced in relationships can you truly shine and do what you came here to do. It's in healing your hurts can you soulfully thrive. #soulfullythriving

It's your time. Are you ready?

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