Only Love is Real

I love A Course in Miracles. One might even say that I am a student of the Course (well, I do consider myself to be a student of the Course, it’s just hard to admit that publicly on the internet because heaven forbid someone give me a pop quiz on it! Haha!).

I’ve been watching Marianne Williamson on her livestreams for over a year and a half (actually probably close to 2 years) now and earlier this year, just shortly after having had the opportunity to meet her and ask her a question at the New Living Expo in San Mateo, I came across my very own copy of the complete 3 volume set of A Course in Miracles.

It was actually quite miraculous how I came across it. I was in downtown Campbell, after having lunch with a friend, and I felt drawn to the Recycle Bookstore. I got this feeling that something of Marianne’s was drawing me there. I walked into the store, went straight over to the metaphysical section, started looking in the section “W” would be for “Williamson,” and right smack on the shelf where Marianne’s books would have been, was a practically unopened, almost brand new copy of A Course in Miracles! It was truly amazing.

When I say I believe in miracles, I truly do. I have definitely learned to look for them in my life. That was a miracle.

Since that time I have been very slowly working my way through the both the text and the workbook for students. I’ve made it to lesson 22 in 6 months. I’m really taking my time to let it all sink in. ;)

Every time I am present with the text I get some new insight. Some new ah-ha. Some reminder of the Truth that lives within me. Deep down, buried under the layers of hurt and confusion, of wounding and suffering, what I know to be True stirs inside of me. The Universal wisdom that I already know and carry within me is affirmed. And with that, I get reassurance that I really am connected, I really am tapped in, and that I really am no special than any of God’s other kids, who have this potential within them too if they so choose.

Now, all of that to get to the point of today’s post, the idea that “Nothing Real Can be Threatened and Nothing Unreal Exists.”

What on Earth does that even mean?

The Course clarifies, there are only two emotions: Love and Fear. And only one of these are Real. I'll let you take a guess which one it might be first. 

Only Love is Real. Only Love exists.

Fear is simply our detour into ego. Or as the Course would reference, due to our imagined separation from our Source, our Creator, we took a detour into fear.

So, if nothing Real (Love) can be threatened and nothing unreal (fear) exists, that means the Truth of who we are is we are beings of Love. Along the way we get lost and we forget that. Or people, due to their own illusions, say or do things to us which lead us to believe that we are neither love nor loveable.

Considering that, I invite you to picture, how might your world look differently if you recognized that you are perfect, whole and complete, simply because you exist. Simply because you are here. And anything other than that, is simply an illusion based in fear?