America Awakens

I'm going to post this. I might get backlash for it. And I am still going to post it anyway. 

As any of you write your response here, or even if you don't respond here but you respond in your head, I'm going to invite you to turn inward and listen to your own internal dialogue, your own words that you use, and invite you to reflect on this: 

How are the words you are using reflective of the same lack of love and compassion that you are judging in either of these candidates (at this point our new President-elect) or even in myself for bringing this here?

Yes, you see, that's what we call a mirror, and that's what these souls have agreed to come here to do...

As I cultivate my spiritual practices and my spiritual knowings, tapping into my connection with Source, I am getting better and better at reading people, especially in photographs.

In the picture below I see a woman, who has fought and fought and fought for most of her life to prove herself (and her value and worth) to others. I see a child living in an adult body. I see wounding, I see fears, I see shadows beneath the surface. I see almost every woman's struggle.

I also see a man who knows he is not well liked, and yet is a man who on some level knows he has to do what he is doing for a reason. He may not understand that reason on a human level, though he is simply here fulfilling his mission, fulfilling his agreement, fulfilling his part in helping America wake up from the deep sleep it has been in. He is not without his flaws, for he is human too. I see shadows brought to the surface.

I see two souls, each one of them, on their path, each one doing the job they incarnated here to do. I see light in the shadows, I see shadows beyond the light. I see change agents. I see an awakening of Americans like we have never seen before.

Earlier today I shared with someone, this situation is just like that of an alcoholic or addict who has to hit their bottom in order to be in enough pain to make a change. Just like that addict or alcoholic who has been in a deep state of unconscious slumber, it seems as though America is about to hit a bottom and this time, we might actually wake up and start to make real change.

As you reflect on this post, I invite you to share your thoughts below. And, as you share your thoughts below, I will happily hold up a mirror for you to help reflect you back to you...Are you ready to heed the call of awakening?

Image credit: someplace on Facebook...I can't recall where.

Image credit: someplace on Facebook...I can't recall where.