Internal Revolution of Light

Today I am hearing so much about sadness, fear, and grief. I'm even feeling it in the air. There's a deep pause. A deep quiet. A deep shock and disbelief.

These feelings must be felt. And the reason they are being felt so deeply is because it goes beyond the personal. What America is experiencing is the collective grief that occurs when our ego's illusions have just gotten busted and we weren't quite ready to have our illusions removed from us. Our world as we thought we knew it has just changed and there's no going back.

We thought things were improving (and yes, in many ways they were, have and will continue to improve). We thought we were making forward motion (and we still are, regardless of how it looks on the outside. I heard from astrologer Rick Levine that in order for movement to happen there must be tension and in order for tension to happen, sometimes we need to go backwards, so we can then propel forward). What most people didn’t realize is the same racism and misogyny that our nation was founded on 3-4 centuries ago was still lying under the surface, unhealed.

Today I invite you to remember that our great nation was founded on the plundering, pillaging, raping, and killing of our native peoples. The fact that our President-elect has publicly spoken out about modern day plundering, pillaging, sexually assaulting, and killing (think war) and he was elected goes to show how far our country HAS NOT come in the past 300-400 years.

This is the grief people are feeling. This is the illusion I am speaking about. We were under the illusion that these things didn’t exist anymore, and that we were moving in a forward direction. The fact that America elected Donald Trump as president, is the collective awakening that is being called for at this time. We’ve actually been in a time of awakening for the past several years, the alarm has been going off, and yet, so many people were continuing to hit the SNOOZE button on the alarm.

Little by little, in small pockets of the world, people have been waking up, they haven’t been hitting the snooze button (or if they tried, it didn’t go so well) Little by little people have been leaving their deep slumber; they have been put on the lightworker’s path.

Well, my dears, no more little by little. We are being called to a great collective awakening. We are being called to a great internal revolution of the light. We are being jolted out of our slumber, jolted out of our sleep, jolted out of our unconsciousness. Will you heed the call to awaken, or will you continue the struggle by either running away or putting your head back in the sand? Will you hit the SNOOZE button, or will you rise to meet what’s happening in our world today?

Feel your feelings. Move through your grief. Allow your illusions to be shed and released. Allow your sadness to be felt. Allow yourself to feel the collective pain, not only of our people today, but also of our individual ancestors, the ancestors of our native land, and everyone in between. And do it in a way that is gentle and loving and kind to everyone involved, for we are all children of Divine light and love. 

And as you feel your feelings, and feel your grief, and feel the weight of the pain of our nation across all timelines, know that THAT is the internal revolution of light. The questions to ask yourself as you are in your own internal revolution of light are:

  • How do I hold myself?
  • How do I support myself?
  • How do I speak to others?
  • How do I think about others?
  • In what ways do I do the same, or similar, things I am accusing these others of doing?
  • In what ways do I perpetuate hate?
  • In what ways do I assault either myself or others?
  • In what ways do I use my power in unaligned ways?

These are the questions here for us to look at. These are the questions that will show us our disowned parts and pieces, our own shadows and darkness, our own beliefs we have shoved into dark corners of our psyche.

And, as you are in your own internal revolution of light, know that you are Divinely supported and held. Know that the United States of America is Divinely supported and held. Know that the world as a whole, is Divinely supported and held. There is a grid of Divine peace light and loving support already laid, already here, already in our consciousness. We need only move through our human emotions and lean into the Trust that we are being taken care of, that this is all in Divine right order, and that what we do next is up to us.

A Course in Miracles describes a miracle as a shift in perspective from fear to love. As you move through your sadness and your fears, can you shift your perspective into love? Because only then will the miracles happen. Only then will the internal revolution of light be won. Are you ready to be a warrior of the light?

Healing peace light and love blessings to you as you navigate your feelings.

I am here holding the space of healing peace light and love for our individual selves, our families, our communities, our nation, and our entire world as a whole. 

If you feel the need for support, please reach out. Now is the time. There’s no more hitting the snooze button on our collective awakening. It’s time to wake up.