America's Hidden Figures in 2017

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I’ve been quiet over the past few months as I have been deep in an internal process of my own. Popping up for air here and there to hold space for others in the healing work that I do.

The times have been intense. The energy has been intense. The astrology has been intense. And, as a woman on the healer’s path, it hasn’t been easy.

And, here’s the thing: it’s only going to continue to get more challenging from here on out—if we continue to resist where we are headed and what we are asked to do.

This week we are swirling around in a great state of anxiety. Not only related to the intensity of the astrology and the energy, but also related to what is happening in our world and our country as a collective. Needless to say, what is happening in our world and our country is also a reflection of our astrology and the energy. They each mirror one another, infinitely reflecting deeper and deeper into one another.

We as a people are in for great change. As I write this, all of a sudden the saying, “Ride or die” popped into my head, and that is exactly what we are in the middle of.

Those who are having a hard time riding these waves of change, are falling into old patterns and behaviors of numbing out, often seen as addictions, whether that be to food, drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, or people. If you live your life in our world today, you are not immune from addiction (and if you educate yourself on it carefully enough, you will become aware of your own patterns of addiction, even if is simply the addiction to your own pain and suffering. Doreen Virtue’s book Don’t Let Anything Dull Your Sparkle is an excellent and easy read on this and contains lots of great research).

And what purpose do addictions have?

To kill you.

So, “ride or die” doesn’t seem that far off…

Anyhow, as I’ve been easing back into work, my schedule has had some openings in it and I kept feeling the call to go to the theater to watch the movie “Hidden Figures.” I knew it looked good and I knew I wanted to see it, though I could not figure out why my brain and my body so badly insisted that I spent my Wednesday afternoon at the movies watching it (didn’t they know I have blogs to write?—haha, obviously they did, hence this blog being written now after watching it!).

If there’s anything I have learned on my spiritual journey, it is to not resist the call. I continue to get more and more evidence that the more I honor myself and exactly where I am called to go, what I am called to do, what I am called to say and to whom, the easier my life goes.

So, this afternoon I planned a date with myself and made my way to the Cinelux on Almaden where I sat in the theater and allowed myself to understand why the call to watch that movie, TODAY, was so strong.

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I sat in the middle of the theater (I literally had like the very middle seat in the whole place), and I found myself in tears. I allowed myself to cry and cry.

I cried tears of sadness.

I cried tears of happiness.

I cried tears of anger.

 I cried tears of joy.

I cried tears of frustration. 

And I cried tears of hope.

I am no historian, however, “Hidden Figures” is based on a true story and they used plenty of footage from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and President John F. Kennedy to show the impacts of segregation and the civil rights movement. As I watched and realized the 1960s was the last true revolution America experienced in that way, I also realized, prior to that was the women’s suffrage movement in the 1910s-1920s.

Forty to fifty years between women’s suffrage and civil rights. Fifty-ish years between civil rights and where we are today. Upon further research I found women’s suffrage started long before the 1900s, similar to how our current political climate began long before November 8, 2016.

Then, it finally hit me. I was called to see “Hidden Figures” today (which truly came out at such a timely and poignant time in our current history) so that I could be reminded of the hope and the revolution that comes from everyday ordinary people, doing what they are here to do, little by little, and standing strong in the face of adversity, through non-violent action. And hence, the tears of hope which poured out of me like the rain falling from our San Jose skies tonight.

In a time when America stood divided, this movie tells of how we all need each other in order to advance forward. There is no forward movement if we stand divided.

If you are here, walking this earth, and reading this blog at this time, you are one of our hidden figures of today. It is up to each and every one of us to do our part in this revolution. It is up to each and every one of us to stand in our power and our dignity, even when the illusion tells us otherwise, and do what we signed up to do here on this planet at this time.

My mission and my purpose has been made very clear to me: I am here to help you learn how to love. How to love yourself, how to love your loved ones, and even how to love your perceived enemies.

On my spiritual path I have learned loving others comes from understanding their suffering. And I cannot understand another’s suffering until I have understood my own.

Therefore, I am walking this path with you. We are in this revolution together. I am learning to love myself in a whole new way, to love those around me as I understand more of their suffering, and even to love our President Elect and members of the Congress.

Along the way, I will help you learn to pierce through the veil of illusion and do the same.

Will you join me in this revolution?