As I sat reading an article today about youth in the urban DC area who were sharing their stories of how gun violence has impacted their communities, I found myself moved to tears.

Not because they were speaking about their experiences. No.

I was moved to tears because all of a sudden the souls of those who have recently died at the hands of gun violence all came into my mind, starting with the small children of Sandy Hook, to the grown ups out on the town in Orlando, to country music fans in Las Vegas, to teens in San Bernadino, to the mental health professionals at the veterans home in Yountville, to the recent deaths in Parkland, and all of the unnamed inner city youth who have died to gun violence too.

They all came to my mind and I felt a very deep reverence for them for the purpose their souls came here to fulfill.

These sweet, innocent souls knew when they got here that we are in a time of great upheaval and change. And their souls made an agreement to come here anyway to help us awaken to the changes we need to make.

The loss of their human lives is tragic. So sad that words cannot describe it. And in that moment, reading that article, as tears streamed down my face, what I felt was a deep reverence and a deep respect for all of those souls who gave their human lives to fulfill their purpose in helping our world heal.

To each and every one of those souls: Thank you. Thank you for agreeing to come here at this difficult time in our evolution. Thank you for fulfilling your agreement. Thank you for giving up your human life for the betterment of humans as a whole. Thank you.

And to each of the rest of you: What are you doing so the loss of their lives were not in vain?

Each and every one of us on the planet today has a purpose.

Your soul agreed to come here at this crucial time in the evolution of humanity so that you could be part of the healing.

How are you being part of the solution today?

How are you fulfilling your soul's purpose today?

And how are you showing up with love and kindness today?

Not all of us agreed to come here and march the streets. Not all of us are here to organize in groups. Not all of us are here to be on the  front lines. This call is specific to some.

For the rest of us it is about: How are we showing up for ourselves and those that we love?

In a world that is masked with so much fear, how are you being a safe haven of hope and love?

Are you sharing words of love and affirmation with a person who needs to hear your words today, be they a stranger or a loved one?

Are you giving out hugs, kisses, and a tender touch on hands when someone needs it most?

Are you opening doors, giving a wide berth to other drivers on the freeway, and lending a gentle loving hand?

Or are you continuing to participate in the illusion that the world is a bad place, filled with bad men, and thus you need to wall yourself off and make yourself cold and inaccessible to give and receive the love this world so badly needs?

I invite you to consider, which one of these is you?