Blending psychotherapeutic techniques and energy healing

One of the challenges of psychotherapy alone is that it does not include a person's entire mind-body-spirit-and-soul, often leaving clients with wounds that continue to be triggered. You know the story: You go to traditional therapy, you get some relief, and a few years later, you are experiencing the same thing. It's as though you keep putting a Band-Aid on the problem rather than addressing the problem itself. 

If that sounds like you, I offer a unique way of working with individuals that goes deeper than just mainstream psychotherapy alone. I offer an integrative and holistic approach in order to help my clients get to the deepest depths of their wounds and get their entire mind-body-spirit-and-soul back in alignment. 

By integrating traditional psychotherapeutic techniques and energy healing systems, I can help you take a deep dive into yourself and clean out your wounds, rather than continually applying new Band-Aids. Wouldn't it be nice to have your wound healed properly rather than bleeding all over the place at unexpected times?


What is Energy Healing?

Our body is surrounded by an electromagnetic field, called the subtle energy body, that informs our mental and physical body. Often times when we experience dis-comfort in our lives, it is because our energy body has become out of alignment and it is impacting us. Through energy healing we can gently work with the subtle energy body to help get it back into proper alignment, leaving you with a sense of peace, relief, and clarity. 


Pay What You Wish within the range of $180-$230 per 50 minute session. 




I trust and recommend Shirani.

"I can relax while Shirani skillfully guides me toward what is happening in my energy field. I trust and recommend her as a professional, skilled, highly intuitive healer. Her soothing voice just adds to the pleasure of working with her!

Alison Harre, LMFT
Santa Cruz, CA

Thank you Shirani! It was great!

"During an energy session yesterday, Shirani asked me to ask myself "what do you know? How do you know it?" while working, of course, at the crown. The answers? "NOTHING! I know nothing. Because I know nothing I know everything." Well, hey there, Buddha-Vani. Thank you, Shirani of Relationship Center of Silicon Valley!!! It was great!!

— V.F. 
Chico, CA

Shirani is a bad ass healer!

"Shirani is a bad ass healer!"

— L.B.
Santa Cruz, CA


Your healing awaits you. 

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