Online Relationship Courses and Workshops

I get it, sometimes you would rather begin with a book, a class, or a workshop as you embark upon your journey to restoring love in your life. 

For that reason, I have created an online course, called Soulful Self-Love: Your Journey to More Love, More Happiness, and More Joy in Your Life as a way to start your process. 

In this online course you will get instant access to six powerful modules to help you restore the love in your life by working on your most important relationship first: the relationship you have with yourself. 

This online relationship class takes what I do with my private clients and packages it up in one easy to access, self-study place. This online class will take you by the hand through a series of exercises that will help you restore the love you feel for yourself, which will then help you restore the love you have in all of your other relationships. 

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Will you lead a class for my friends or my workplace?

YES, I absolutely will!

I am available for speaking engagements and also to teach classes in a workshop format. 

Please send me an email with your inquiry and I will be happy to discuss with you further. 

Current Offerings

Online Relationship Class
Soulful Self Love: Your Journey to More Love, More Happiness, and More Joy in Your Life

Speaking Engagements and Custom Workshops
$350/hr per engagement locally
$400/hr per engagement outside of 20 miles from San Jose, CA, plus travel expenses
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So Amazing!

"So amazing! The synchronicity in the room was uncanny, and this project helped me to set my intentions for the new year to be my best self."

— C.C.
San Jose, CA


A Powerful Group

"I highly recommend Shirani's groups for anyone on a journey to self-awareness and heart opening. A powerful group that knows how to keep it fun!"

— A.V.
Mountain View, CA


Thank you for an incredible experience!

"Shirani, Thank you for an incredible experience. I've been meditating for a while. However, this Chakra Workshop caused me to have a huge breakthrough. It's motivated me to take action to be the healthiest me I can be! Thank you for a magical evening!"

— C.M. 
San Jose, CA



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