Relationship Coaching and Mentorship for Professional Women

Not your ordinary relationship coaching...

You've done the deal, hired the coaches, had some success, and then, similar patterns and themes you've worked on before emerge in your life again. You're sure there's some lesson for you in it, you are just having a hard time finding it on your own. 

Welcome to what I call Soulfully Thriving Mentorship!

Spirituality is a HUGE part of my life. Through my own journey I have learned to rely on a Source of Power greater than myself and I continue to cultivate my connection with that Source on a regular (more than once a day) basis. 

Through cultivating that relationship, I have become aware of my own lessons, my own journey, and can zoom out to see the bigger purpose of my soul's mission and what I am here on this planet to learn and to do. 

I am here to help you get in touch with your soul's lessons so that you can walk your journey and your path with dignity and grace (even when it might not feel like it). 

If you've been stuck in repetative cycles and patterns in your relationships and your life and you are ready for a way out, let's get acquainted on a call. 


Why Spirituality and Soul in Relationship Coaching?

Because your Soul doesn't lie. It knows why you are here, what you are here for, and how you will walk through your lessons. As you learn to listen to the quiet whisperings of your Soul, you get back to the Truth of who you are: A Divine spark of light and love here on this planet to experience the miracles of life and love. 

It's when you've gotten out of alignment with Spirit and your Soul that you end up feeling chaos and confusion and a sense of discontent in your life and your relationship. Let me help you get back into alignment so you can restore your sense of love and connection today. 


Single Sessions
$225 for a 50-minute session 
$88.80 for a 20-minute laser session

Packages Available
Custom Packages are Available. Please send me an e-mail me to inquire. 



Ladies-sign up to meet Shirani-she's awesome!

"Had such a great session with Shirani Pathak last week! Ladies - sign up to meet her - she is awesome an will help you stay on track or get back on track... or find the track."

— K.M.
Santa Clara, CA

Working with Shirani brings me back from the stressful and hectic life to my center.

"I have done several things with Shirani and she is amazing!  Since the fist moment I met her I was attracted to her energy.  I have done Lunch Time Meditation, Chakra Workshop & Rebalancing Meditation and Energy Healing.   I have always learned many things with Shirani and felt more balanced, centered, and grounded.  I feel working with her brings me back from the stressful and hectic life to my center.  I'm able to clear my mind and be at peace.   I recommend her 100%!"

— L.M.
Los Gatos, CA

Shirani really helps me get to the core of my outdated beliefs.

“Every time I have a call with her, Shirani really helps me get to the core of my outdated beliefs."

— S.P.
San Jose, CA


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