Relationship Therapy and Counseling in San Jose, CA

I founded the Center for Soulful Relationships in San Jose, CA where I specializing in working with professional women and couples who feel they have lost a sense of love and meaning in their relationships and their lives.

My teammate, Christopher Alvarado, LMFT at the Center works with perfectionists and workaholics who are looking to reconnect with a sense of love in their lives as well. 

What sets our Center apart is our innovative therapy modality which skillfully integrates traditional psychotherapy theory and interventions with ancient healing practices that work. 

One of the challenges of psychotherapy alone is that it does not include a person's entire mind-body-spirit-and-soul, often leaving clients with painful patterns that continue to play on repeat.

You know the story: You go to traditional therapy, you get some relief, and a few years later, you are experiencing the same thing. It's as though you keep putting a Band-Aid on the problem rather than addressing the problem itself. 

If that sounds like you, my team and I offer a unique way of working with individuals that goes deeper than just mainstream psychotherapy alone.

With my innovative approach, I help my clients get to the deepest depths of their emotional and relationship hurts and get their entire mind-body-spirit-and-souls back in alignment so that they can love their relationships and their lives. 

By participating in relationship counseling with me, you will have the opportunity to clean out your unhealed relationship wounds from the inside out. No more Band-Aids necessary, we can clean you up from the inside out. Wouldn't it be nice to have your wound healed properly rather than bleeding all over the place at unexpected times?


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What others are saying...

I trust and recommend Shirani.

"Shirani is a powerful, highly-aware psychotherapist who utilizes Energy Healing in her practice. I trust and recommend Shirani." 

Alison Harre, LMFT
Santa Cruz, CA

Shirani holds the space in a way that makes one relax and feel safe.

"Shirani has an amazing ability to think outside-the-box, mix East and West, and weaves in spirituality and spiritual healing tools smoothly. Shirani holds the space in a way that makes one relax and feel safe, hence making it easier to go deeper within."

Saira Khan, LMFT
Saratoga, CA

Shirani is a bad ass healer!

"Shirani is a bad ass healer!"

— L.B.
Santa Cruz, CA


Your healing awaits you. 

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