“Shirani does incredible and life changing work!”

Shirani does incredible and life-changing work! She is so intuitive and passionate about helping women heal and uncover their blocks/struggles so that they can have healthier relationships. She has personally helped me learn much more about myself and where my blocks are so that I can recognize and work on them. Shirani is amazingly kind, patient, knowledgable, and is highly dedicated to helping her rockstar clients find success and confidence in themselves. I've been so privileged to get to work with her and highly, highly recommend her! 

— L.V., Santa Clara, CA

“Shirani is genuinely dedicated to her clients.”

I met Shirani through her lunchtime meditation group, earlier this year, and I instantly connected with her. Her passion for her work, connecting with others and spirituality is so inspiring and she is genuinely dedicated to her clients. 
Shirani has a warm and inviting healing space, and I always feel exceptionally comfortable when I'm there. She leads amazing meditations and is very intuitive. I really feel like I've known her for years as she makes you feel right at home in a loving and meaningful way.

— A.R., London, UK

Shirani is a bad ass healer!

— L.B., Santa Cruz, CA


“My minor aches and pains went away”

Shirani, your voice is so soothing. My minor back aches and pains went away.. I could not feel friction between me and the couch... I felt weightless and peaceful. Thank you!

— K.H., Campbell, CA

“A powerful group.”

I highly recommend Shirani's groups for anyone on a journey to self-awareness and heart opening. A powerful group that knows how to keep it fun!

— A.V., Mountain View, CA


"So amazing!"

So amazing! The synchronicity in the room was uncanny, and this project helped me to set my intentions for the new year to be my best self.

— C.C., San Jose, CA

“Thank you for an incredible experience!”

Shirani, Thank you for an incredible experience. I've been meditating for a while. However, this Chakra Workshop caused me to have a huge breakthrough. It's motivated me to take action to be the healthiest me I can be! Thank you for a magical evening!

— C.M., San Jose, CA


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