Spiritual Teacher for the Busy Awakening Woman

You're a busy woman. You've got a lot going on. You hear the word "Meditation" and you think, "Meditation? Who's got time for that?"

You, my dear, you've got time for that. 

You hear the word, "Spirituality" and you think, "Yeah, I'll add that to my To Do list someday..."

You, my dear, you've got no choice but to add it to your To Be list because you see the impact not being connected has on you. 

I see you. I hear you. I feel you. I am a busy woman too. And, I want to tell you, it IS possible for you to have meditation, spirituality, and connection in your life. 

And to make it even more clear, you cannot afford not to have it in your life. Research shows meditation makes you more effective and more productive throughout the day. As a busy awakening woman, you need time for you, time for the Divine, time for connection. 

I absolutely LOVE helping other busy awakening women take the time outs they need to learn more about meditation, spirituality, and how to bring more conscious connection into their lives. Come join us for a class, workshop, retreat or talk! You won't regret it. 


Who is the "Busy Awakening Woman?"

Why, you of course, it's why you're here. :)

As the busy awakening woman, you know that there is something bigger and greater than you, whether you call it the Universe, God, Goddess, Source, Spirit, or your Higher Power. You know you're not alone. 

However, you find yourself getting caught up in the "busyness" of life and perhaps skip out on your connection to the Divine. 

You know you'd have more peace and sanity navigating your day to day if you just spent a few minutes connecting. So come join me as I help you take some quality time with yourself and your Source of Something Greater than you. 

Yes, my dear, it is possible to be busy, awakening, and have it all. 


Workshops and Retreats
Pricing varies by event
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Speaking Engagements
$350/hr per engagement locally
$400/hr per engagement outside of 20 miles from San Jose, CA, plus travel expenses
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So Amazing!

"So amazing! The synchronicity in the room was uncanny, and this project helped me to set my intentions for the new year to be my best self."

— C.C.
San Jose, CA


A Powerful Group

"I highly recommend Shirani's groups for anyone on a journey to self-awareness and heart opening. A powerful group that knows how to keep it fun!"

— A.V.
Mountain View, CA


Thank you for an incredible experience!

"Shirani, Thank you for an incredible experience. I've been meditating for a while. However, this Chakra Workshop caused me to have a huge breakthrough. It's motivated me to take action to be the healthiest me I can be! Thank you for a magical evening!"

— C.M. 
San Jose, CA



Spend some quality time with yourself.

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